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Wuxi Shangpin solar will have Japanese office
  [date] 12-08-20 菎imes 11307 腍rint 羡lose 羡ollection  
In August of 2012, President of Wuxi Shangpin Solar together with his sales and technical team visited Japan for the solar market. After the trip, Wuxi Shangpin Solar is going to have their sales branch office in Tokyo and service and technical office in Fukuoka.
Because of the global economic and euro crisis, many solar companies in China has affected a lot, some of them are even closed, Cut production, layoffs or bankruptcy. With this bad environment, Wuxi shangpin solar has successfully explored the Japanese market, every week, we have certain containers shipped to Japan, and on 18th, August, we have another seven containers to Japan.
And Wuxi Shangpin Solar is welcoming all friends and customers from the world to visit us.
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